Enjoy our Friday Fish Fry specials today, plus our regular Wednesday specials.




Fish Fry Specials

Fish Fry Specials available open until close (11am-10pm) on Wednesday, March 6th.

Fish Fry | $11 .99 – Deluxe Fish Fry | $13. 99
Fresh domestically sourced haddock fish fry, french fries and coleslaw. Deluxe, served with a tossed salad and choice of a side.

Broiled | Breaded | Beer Battered*

* Beer battered available until 8pm only.


Wednesday Specials

Pittsburgh Salad | $13. 99*

Alex’s Famous Meatloaf | $10. 99
Meatloaf, tossed salad and choice of a side.

* Pittsburgh Salad available for lunch only.