If you’ve lived in New York for any amount of time now, you know that wine season is upon us!  Harvest time is here and the Finger Lakes wineries are in full gear, stomping, dancing and tangoing their tasty grapes for our pleasure.  Check out some of our (my) favorites wines in-house as we have recently re-vamped our wines list and have included some tasty selections from our own back yard.  If you love you some red wine you just gotta check out Standing Stone 2006 Pinnacle from Seneca Lake.  One of my absolute favorites! 

We’re also featuring an award winning Riesling from Swedish Hills Winery, part of their “Blue Waters” series.  If you’re a NYS Riesling fan, you have to sample this one for sure!

And don’t forget, we have an awesome Cab Franc featured from Lamoreaux Landing off of Seneca Lake.  Full bodied red with lots of yummy black cherry, vanilla and spicy cranberry notes and an excellent oak structure.  If you’re looking for a signature wine beyond a Riesling for our lovely lakes, look to the Cab Franc emerging from the pack!

For something a little different but a lot yummy try a honey wine (mead) from Montezuma Winery.  This ancient process of wine making has found a tasty home at Montezuma, who have been making mead for years.  Try my favorite, Sparkling Honey Wine (Mead) with any dessert and you’ll be in heaven.  And if you’re a vodka lover you’ll love their BEE Vodka spirit, made from… you guessed it, HONEY.  Yet another reason to save the bee colonies from extinction.

Create your own wine tour and check out the wines themselves by looking over any of the lakes “Wine Trail” guides online.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find tones of hidden treasure wineries amongst the turning leaves.