Well it’s summer again in Western New York and the stars are out, especially at Alex’s Place!  Famous people from all walks of life have been sighted enjoying some of Alex’s Famous Ribs.  Early in the summer Kane Hodder who portrayed Jason in the famed slasher series Friday the 13th parts 8,9, and 10, sat and dined at the bar after filming at the Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany.  Last week Miranda Cosgrove was seen enjoying her Alex’s dinner after her concert at Darien Lake.  Miranda is the star of iCarly as well as a veteran performer of the stage.  Pre-teen girls everywhere are screaming their heads off about this sighting, LOL!

Last night NASCAR fans missed out on the chance to meet Tony Stewart.  That’s right, Tony Stewart was in the Alex’s house, whoop whoop.  The NASCAR star was traveling through on his way to a dirt track race in Ontario Canada as part of the World of Owtlaws race group and stopped by to enjoy some Alex’s Famous Ribs!  And I must say, he is more handsome in person and looking slim and trim!  One of our cooks, Trish got a photo op with the man himself.  He was super gracious and signed some autographs for fans who asked.  His server Kim is the one who gets the recognition for this spot.  When he left the table for the restrooms Kimmy asked the others in the party, “Has anyone ever told that man he looks a lot like Tony Stewart??”  When he returned to the table they told her to ask him the same question and he chuckled, “Well, I was Tony Stewart when I woke up this morning.”  They all enjoyed a good laugh at that!  Thanks Kim for being such a big race fan!

Come into Alex’s soon as you never know who’ll pop in to enjoy some ribs next!